The Nor: an online/offline residency, commissioned as part of MIRRORCITY at the Hayward Gallery, London, 14 October 2014 – 4 January 2015.

The Nor: lines of power inscribed on the city, physically and digitally. Ley lines and fibre optic cables, microwave trading relays, airfields and datacentres, dead letter drops and dark email addresses.

The sense of being watched is a classic symptom of paranoia, often a sign of deeper psychosis, or dismissed as illusory. In the mirror city, which exists at the juncture of the street and CCTV, of bodily space and the electromagnetic spectrum, one is always being watched. So who’s paranoid now?

First essay in the series: All Cameras are Police Cameras

Second essay in the series: Living in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Third essay in the series: Low Latency


Accompanying map, and photographs.