The Form and Aura of the Book was the title of a presentation given at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2010.

It's about books, and ebooks, and what Walter Benjamin might think of them now.

"Benjamin writes about the aura of a work, and how that aura is diminished by the process of copying, because the highest quality of art is its place in the here and now. But I think that, 80 years on, we are building the tools to reclaim that aura and make it more valuable again. Business models, even social models, get broken all the time, and they get broken before we figure out how to replace them. Likewise, the aura model of art got broken 80 years ago, but we just might be figuring out how to fix it. What kills industries now is the same storm out of paradise that broke businesses before – but might just fix them in the future."

The full presentation can be read at

It also announced the launch of Open Bookmarks.