Network Realism is the title of a talk I gave at Web Directions South, in Sydney, Australia, in October 2010. It's about jetlag, and literature, and William Gibson.

"Network Realism is writing that is of and about the network. It’s realism because it’s so close to our present reality. A realism that posits an increasingly 1:1 relationship between Fiction and the World. A realtime link. And it’s networked because it lives in a place that’s that’s enabled by, and only recently made possible by, our technological connectedness... This writing exists on a timeline, but it’s not a simple line back-to-the-past and forward-to-the-future. It’s a gathering-together of many currently possible worldlines, seen from the near-omniscient superposition of the network. The Order Flow of the Universe. Speculative Realism, Networked Fiction: Network Realism."

A summary of the talk can be found at, while the slides and an audio recording of the original talk are available on the Web Directions website.