"The Iraq War: A History of Wikipedia Changelogs" is a twelve-volume set of all changes to the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War.

The twelve volumes cover a five year period from December 2004 to November 2009, a total of 12,000 changes and almost 7,000 pages.

The set is part of a project exploring history and historiography facilitated by the internet, and visualising information, opinion, narrative and discussion.

There's more information about the project at booktwo. There are also slides and an audio recording available from dConstruct 2010, where I first presented the project, and more photographs at Flickr.

The books have been much discussed on the web and elsewhere, appearing, inter alia, in The Awl, Hilobrow, Urlesque, GOOD, ReadWriteWeb, Hacker News, MetaFilter, The Atlantic (twice), Wired, the New York Times, and Time. I was also interviewed by American Public Radio and a number of magazines.

The books have been exhibited in galleries in the US and Europe.