With Apt, I worked on the design, development and strategy for Enhanced Editions, a dedicated ereader for the iPhone. As I wrote at booktwo:

"Enhanced Editions ebooks are a different breed to most, as our mission is to work closely with publishers to obtain the best material, and take advantage of every possible benefit of the ereading experience. This means taking every feature you’ve come to expect from good ereaders – including bookmarking, full-text search, adjustable fonts and type sizes, night mode, tilt scrolling (on the iPhone) and so on – and adding exclusive additional content, and the real coup: full text-to-audiobook synchronisation. The latter means you can switch between the text and the audio without losing your place, and we hope it’ll get people excited, and prove that ebooks really can go to new places, over and above the physical book."

The first EE title, Nick Cave's The Death of Bunny Munro hit the App Store in September 2009, and immediately garnered excellent reviews, and was featured by Apple on the front page of the Store in the UK and US.

I also designed and built www.enhanced-editions.com, a highly customised Wordpress installation featuring custom book pages and additional metadata and linking options.