or, How To Travel Through Time In The Nineteenth Century

An impractical guide with notes and charts, concerning WALKING STEWART and the implications of UBIQUITY.

Dear Sirs,

It gives me the greatest pleasure to offer to you a rare and precious thing: an account of the life and ubiquity of the celebrated Walking Stewart, in the form of a newspaper.

For your delight and edification we have printed one hundred (100) copies, individually signed & numbered by the hand of the progenitor.

If you wish to obtain a copy of this most singular, erudite and mysterious work, then you should apply yourself to the outlandishly yellow button below, wherewith you shall be transported to Paypal, and on payment of £10 (inclusive of Postage & Packaging, worldwide), you shall receive.*

The quantitie of GENERAL SALE copies are now exhausted. However, should you have a special request for personal or archival reasons, occasional copies may still be procured, and you should direct enquiries to James at

UPDATE, 2017:: UK personages may purchase copies of the paper from THIS ADDRESS.

Yours, &c.

James Bridle |

* Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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